BCCN Talk: In the Realm of Comrades?

The Berlin Contemporary China Network (BCCN) and the Institute for Asian and African Studies at HU Berlin cordially invite you to the BCCN Talk “In the Realm of Comrades?”by Prof. Rebecca E. Karl (New York University).


Monday, 4 July 2022

16:30-18:00 (CEST)

Invalidenstrasse 118, 10115 Berlin

Room 410


Abstract: This talk addresses the ways in which the social relationship named by “comrade” arose and has been transformed over the course of China’s revolutionary and post-revolutionary century (1920s-2020s). It presents a radical political analysis of how sociality and relationality can be understood in the concreteness of China’s historical passage from semi-colony, to socialist people’s republic, to capitalist world power. 


Rebecca E. Karl teaches history at New York University-NY. Her most recent book is China’s Revolutions in the Modern World: A Brief Interpretive History (Verso 2020) and she is the author of a number of other books and articles about China’s modern and contemporary history. She is a founding co-editor of the positionspolitics.org website, and a member of the Critical China Scholars collective.