MPIWG Institute’s Colloquium: Can We Trust Science from China?

BCCN member Anna L. Ahlers and the Lise Meitner Research Group “China in the Global System of Science” (MPIWG) invite you to join an event that they will host on 31 May, 2 pm CET, via Zoom:
Sociologist Joy Y. Zhang from the University of Kent will speak about “Can We Trust Science from China?” Observations around the Ascent of a New Power Player in the MPIWG’s Institute’s Colloquium 2021-22 series Trusting Science.
China’s rapid ascent in the sciences since the turn of the millennium has been met with both fascination and fear. What are these sentiments and perceptions based on? And if global mistrust of science from China persists, what are the implications for China, and for international collaborations? Focusing on China’s development in the life sciences, Professor Zhang, author e.g. of The Elephant and the Dragon in Contemporary Life Sciences (2022), will explore these intriguing questions with us. 

Please find more information on the event, the speaker, and the registration procedure here.

Btw: China’s scientific rise from a social science perspective will also feature prominently in the upcoming lecture series “China  The New Science Superpower?” jointly organized by the Lise Meitner Research Group and the BCCN, starting October 2022. Details will follow soon.